Alice, Alice,
who the f**k
is Alice!?*
*See 00.40s

Alice is graphic designer, illustrator, painter and gold-leaf enthusiast from Auckland, New Zealand. With 6 years of industry experience under her belt working in independent, in-house and agency roles, she is a confident, established designer. 

Alice is a strong believer in doing what she loves and has worked hard to turn creativity into her career. As a full-time graphic designer she believes that concept is king, and style is second, however, when it comes to creating something for yourself, you do you! 

Never one to sit still, you’ll find Alice filling her days with commissions, passion projects, coffee and, most recently, her side-hustle Relic Bespoke Books.

Likes: Anything gold, musicals, hitting the slopes, reading a book in the sun and bacon and cheese shapes. 

Dislikes: Tomato sauce. Get it outta here.

To purchase a print or enquire about an illustration or design project, fire me through an email. I’d love to hear from you.