Art direction for Onfire Designs new packaging for Deep South ice cream, working alongside the talented Yuki Sato.
Check out the full project here!
Great value and great taste is what Grandpa's Bacon is all about. I recently had the lucky task of bringing the Grandpa's brand to life with a full illustration suite to compliment the new packaging and brand by Onfire Design. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Grandpa kicking about the supermarket isles!
Not all concepts make the cut! These designs were initial ideas for a candle company that didn't quite hit home. I still think they're pretty cool.
New psychedelic illustrations for Lust and Envy coconut yoghurt with Onfire Design. Be sure to grab a pottle, this plant based yoghurt is the goods.
I recently had the pleasure of art directing Onfire Designs Legendary Locals product shoot with the amazing photographer Yuki Sato.
Check out the full project here.
Brand, illustration and packaging design for local New Zealand 3D printer company, Art-isan. Their useful nose clips prevent your glasses from fogging up when wearing your facemask.
Get your hands on a pair!
Fresh new brand and biz cards for LDM Motorgroup, a commercial vehicle specialist based in Christchurch. LDM Motorgroup's logo mark and business card design is derived from the shape of the gear change symbol on a manual stick shift. If you're in the market for a commercial vehicle you can check them out through the link below - their full website is coming soon! Also a shout out to Lucy from Hhhi - the best business card printing in Auckland. Find out more at
When it comes to shifting your cloud files around, Movebot makes light work of the heavy lifting. Here's a sneak peak at their new identity. ⁠
The Beach House is set to be Christchurch's coolest mixed-use development. To set the scene for this epic new destination, we created illustrated vintage postcard-inspired business cards.
Brand platform, website and stationery design for McLachlan Enterprises. McLachlan provide opportunities and solutions for working spaces throughout New Zealand. If you're looking for a new office hit them up!
New logo for Christchurch's hottest mobile catering company, Food by Fire. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this project soon
Commissioned by the incredible Kevin from Famine of Beauty, The Cloak of Many Colours illustration was designed to represent Pride 2021. Kevin is incredibly creative and had the wonderful idea of designing the cloak to include the LGBTQIA+, Genderfluid and Transgender flags, a true cloak of inclusivity. Famine of Beauty is selling the artwork on t-shirts so you can be loud and PROUD this month!
Get your t-shirt here
New brand alert: Rust&Blush is a boutique wedding stationery company that offers gorgeous bespoke and tailored suites, allowing every couple to execute their dream wedding. The logo is based on a lovers knot, symbolising the unbreakable bond and eternal connection between two people, and works as a clever device throughout the wider brand. Stay tuned, full project coming soon!
The Sneaky Beer Company is a ‘nano’ brewery based in the windy hills of Khandallah, Wellington. A one-man-band garage setup, Sneaky Beer is mischievously crafted undercover with an experimental approach and a desire to ignite the taste-buds of beer lovers nationwide.
Check out the full project
Illustrations of the founding father ‘Uncle Duncle,’ and his brother Ray, have been developed to represent the first two beers released under the Sneaky label. This playful and fun approach lends itself to the experimental craft beer market nicely.
Check out the full project
New tattoo design for one of my best buds! The brief was: traditional American tattoo ft. hot girl with jaguar.
New brand identity for Christchurch-based Stoke Homes. A home building company offering modern and affordable builds, Stoke needed a brand that reflected their warm, personable approach.
Check out the full project here.
A wee while ago on a family trip to San Francisco, my mum and I walked past a restaurant and spied two ladies in the sunset of their lives, dressed head-to-toe in leopard print having champagne. It was fucking fabulous. So this year for Mum’s birthday I whipped up a card of this hilarious moment.
There is nothing I love more than a natural skin care product, so when Aotea Made asked me to create some botanical illustrations to accompany their ingredients list, I was in. These three plants from Aotearoa have nourishing and healing properties that will completely rejuvenate your skin; Manuka Honey for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Harakeke Seed Oil which is packed full of fatty acids and antioxidants, and finally, Kawakawa, which the Māori have used as a traditional healing and soothing agent for years. These guys are making some seriously awesome products so if you’re looking for your next skincare product head over to their website.
Check them out
Kortegast Construction creates affordable, architecturally inspired homes that stand out from your standard on-the-street subdivisions. Being small and nimble, Kortegast is able to build with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Inspired by architectural plans, the framework of a build and the final product, I was able to create a flexible, slick and contemporary brand platform.
After quite a long hiatus I am diving back into commissions! Ohhh and it feels so good. If you need a special gift for a loved one, or want something to bring a bit of life back into your home, a bespoke print really does the trick. Have a chat to me about your ideas via email
If you’re as addicted to your morning almond flat-white as I am, then you’ll be just as excited to hear about this TOP-NOTCH new initiative in Christchurch City. Our friends at 245 Espresso have opened up their very own roasting facility to the public, so you can come in and create your very own blend of magic beans! It’s a fully caffeinated miracle. If this isn’t getting you all hopped up, then maybe just pay them a visit for a triple shot - that should do the trick.
Our friend Jackie recently approached us at Friday about her very cool side hustle, selling new and used cookbooks online. Currently only using facebook to sell her products, she’d decided it was time to put her business in the oven and whip up something divine, thus, Twice Cooked was born. Her new brand bursts with flavour using delicious wee icons, a whole lot of colour and a bubbling animated logo that really gets the whole thing cooking.
If you’re after some fresh inspo for the kitchen, check out her website.
Sometimes nothing says who you are better than an emoji, am I right? Well that’s what the guys at thought. The app is basically a combination of Linkedin and Salesforce, a tech product that, to be honest, goes completely over my head. But I do know how to add a bit of character to something, and these avatars did just that. Shot-gun being the money eyes!
I’m very excited to showcase the first book published from my side hustle, Relic Bespoke Books. The story that kicked off the whole business is, in fact, my Dads. Always a car lover, unsurprising as my Grandad literally never leaves his garage, Dad really stepped up his game in 2004 and purchased shall we put this...a shell of an Aston Martin DB2-4 Mk11. It was honestly a pile of rubbish, us kids were very confused as to why he bought it. 10 years of blood, sweat and I assume a pile of cash later, it really is a dream.
Check out the full project here.
A new painting finished! I call this one ‘Two Chicks in the Gucci Garden’. A bit of an Alice in Wonderland meets high fashion feel, don’t you think?
You can see it in more detail here.
Introducing my latest venture...Relic Bespoke Books! Quality-crafted book design for restoration projects. Niche, I know.
To find out more, head over to
‘A man with a Chip on his Shoulder.’ Introducing… Fagan Von Crumb (aka Logan) and Chip (aka Oscar). A fun digital illustration of the two men in my life. The original photograph was taken by the talented Dave Richards at one of the Ballantynes Seasonal shoots I was directing. I returned from a bathroom break to find Logan having his own debut in front of the off.
Stratus developments are a new townhouse developer in the Christchurch CBD area. A project with a very quick turn around, we banged them up a dynamic logo, website and brand platform so they could get the word out about their venture.
Gettin’ handsy! These icons were originally designed for a client however they never ended up being used, but they are way too fun not to share! I particularly enjoy the ‘lit’ one.
Ezimac is a mac sales and support business that has all of your mac IT needs covered. We had so much fun at Friday working on this brand, from blowing up computers in my garage to designing their super slick website.
To see these icons in use, and the destruction of an iMac vis explosives, head over to their website.
It’s bobby baby! This seriously fun commission was created for a friend of mine and a fan of the great Bobby Womack. The great American singer, songwriter, producer and musician worked alongside artists like Bill Withers, The Rolling Stones and the Gorillaz to name a few.
Feeling hungry yet? In the name of creativity, this Friday I set about making some super tasty typography for the Friday insta-feed. My whole little family got involved; Logan the photographer and Oscar the sous chef. It actually looked pretty drab after I baked the letters so I bought a pop of colour back in with some fresh spinach and mango. A Friday Feast!
The launch of the Spring/Summer Ballantynes edit is here! And with it, I get to show you all my favourite picks from this season's shoot, of course shot by the very clever Dave Richards, who is always such a pleasure to work with. This season a few of our major themes were workwear, bold colour blocking and spring florals.
Fashion week is upon us! I really just wanted to show you all the amazing unicorn foil Printers Inc hooked me up with for the ticket design. Is this not what dreams are made of? Head over to Ballantynes to secure your spot at the show!
Ballantynes’ Winter Autumn Edit is out now! These magazines are always my favourite projects to work on at Ballies, and this season did not disappoint. We shot at Mona Vale, whose homestead, vast gardens and lush fernery created a variety of beautiful environments to shoot a lot of different looks. Two of the key themes shown in these photos are dark romance and blush. The homestead was absolutely perfect for the dark romance theme, with its rich dark wood and William Morris wallpaper we managed to create a really luxe, moody look. Of course Dave Richards absolutely worked his magic on these images - they are just gorgeous.
Recently I created a few illustrations of fragrances and their ingredients for the Ballantynes Beauty VIP Magazine. Fruity and floral, these cute drawings also make for a fun wee process GIF.
Deadly. Pink. Gucci. Soooo, you know when you buy a few new things and you are so in love with them that you have to flat-lay them and then spend hours drawing them? Well that’s what happened here. Sorry, not sorry.
To kick off my website journal, I’ve decided to go with an oldie but a goodie. I did this painting when I was in my last year of high school, and since then have carried it around with me to my many dwellings over the years. I think I’ve repainted the background four or so times as it keeps getting dirty everytime I move, but it kind of reminds me of home so I like to have it on the wall. Definitely some words to live by.