Grandpa's Bacon


Food & Beverage


Packaging, Illustration


Onfire Design

Although a leader in its category, Grandpa's Bacon was primarily purchased for its price, rather than its brand. A full refresh was undertaken to position Grandpa's as the mainstream market leader for Kiwi's that love bacon.

The brands core assets, bright yellow and the angled sticker were retained, however Grandpa had a full revamp. A loose sketch style was used to create our new Grandpa character - simple, honest and lighthearted; Grandpa is an everyday affable Kiwi bloke. He loves family time, BBQs, and being a good Kiwi citizen, and, of course, has a passion for great-tasting bacon in all of its different styles. On each pack, he interacts with bacon photography - there are hugs, long loving looks and pride with each variation. The outcome is a personable, warm brand that stands out on shelf and stands out in taste.